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Who are high security locks keeping out?

It must have been brilliant 20 or 30 years ago to be a locksmith, things were a lot simpler back then with lower security locks.

I mean you always hear stories from older people who say “you could leave your door unlocked in my day” and this was true. So if you could leave your door unlocked and you could feel safe there was clearly no need for super high security locks on a domestic property.

Unfortunately times have changed and we now have a greater need for high security locks than ever before. As the demand increases so do the security levels and ratings of locking products.

20 years ago there wasn’t much need for anti-pick locks or anti drill locks, obviously there was the odd few but nothing like we see today.

Nowadays you find anti pick pins and anti-drill pins even in the cheapest brands of euro cylinders and also even anti pick levers in a few non British standard mortice locks.

Of course we all want to be safe in our homes and know that we have the best security possible on our doors and windows but it seems that some lock manufactures are going so over the top it is becoming a case of 'who are they trying to keep out?' The locksmith or the burglar?

For example there is one British standard anti snap lock which is a fantastic lock for keeping out even a determined burglar, the lock in question features a cam which locks in position when attacked and has a magnetic pin to stop any picking attempts. As soon as a few locksmiths figured out it could be picked they added something called trap pins which are designed to seize the lock up after it is picked.

In all the years we have been involved in the locksmith world we have never seen or heard of one single burglary where the lock has been picked and we are talking about basic locks which 24 hour locksmiths find easy to pick never mind this one in question which even some locksmiths can’t pick so a burglar would have no chance.

So what’s the point in adding the trap pins? It seems purely to keep out the locksmiths!

Locks are improving so quickly that locksmiths are having to constantly be researching and practicing new techniques of destructive and non-destructive entry.

As soon as you have mastered one particular lock another one is on the market. One good thing about this surge of high security locks is that the odd job men and handy men simply can’t get into them because the old basic techniques they would use are no longer of use, meaning there is more work out there for genuine highly skilled locksmith companies.

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