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We are local Leeds locksmiths working 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We are 100% a local locksmith in Leeds and our company is not connected to any locksmith call centres franchises or national locksmith company’s. We have no call out charge even on evenings and weekends and we do not charge VAT making us one of the cheapest Leeds locksmiths. All our work is guaranteed for a year. All the views and opinions in this article are our own.

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Locksmith Call centers

It is easy for the general public to be tricked into calling a national locksmith instead of a genuine local locksmith. National locksmiths usually operate out of call centres and use as many under hand techniques as they think they can get away with to get unsuspecting members of the public to call them. Many of these so called locksmith company’s also cover every other trade you can imagine, claiming to be expert locksmiths, plumbers, glaziers, joiners, gas engineers, electricians etc.

For example if you do a Google search for locksmiths Leeds you will see the shaded boxes at the top of the page and adverts running down the right hand side of the page, these are paid listings. All the parts in the middle with the white background are known as organic listings which your local locksmiths work hard to stay near the top of results and it does take a lot of time and effort. Many of the company’s which use these paid adverts are national locksmiths although not all of them, the majority usually are.

The national locksmiths pay their way to the top so basically there adverts show higher up than your local locksmiths so they are more likely to be clicked on when a customer is looking for a locksmith in a hurry. It is very expensive to get a paid advert to the top and as mentioned earlier most of these companies are trying to cover every type of trade in every city so there advertising costs are massive! So how do they get this money back? Well usually by overcharging customers, when they give out prices they usually only give a labour cost making themselves look inexpensive compared your local locksmiths Leeds who probably gave you an all in quote including locks, labour VAT etc.

So when the national company turn up at your property you are expecting a bill for the price quoted on the phone then you are hit with a huge bill which includes the hourly labour charge quoted over the phone which usually doubles when they spin a 10 minute job out to make it last 2 hours plus parts, materials, and VAT, turning what sounded like a bargain on the phone into a very expensive mistake.

So why do people call national locksmiths?

This will usually be because the company displays a local phone number so people just assume they are local but what they probably don’t realise is that a phone number for any area code can be easily and cheaply obtained in literally minutes. We know that a lot of customers will call the number at the top of Google because a lot of locksmith work is emergency work and the customer needs somebody quick and doesn’t have time to search through all the listings but if this article just stops one person being ripped off by a national it will be a good thing.

look out for the” Call a local not a national logo” created by this directory to ensure you are getting a local locksmith. All the views and opinions in this article are our own.

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