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Say NO to nationals

Unlike most directories on the internet, this one is not about moneymaking, cold calls and sales talk.

My name is Rick, known on the web as 'rickthepick' on various forums and blogs. I'v been a locksmith in Wolverhampton for approx six years now and am also a keen web developer.

So what is the purpose of building the directory?

Put simply; To promote the small guy, the local locksmiths struggling against the ever expanding national companies.

It is often difficult to compete with nationals paying their way to the top of Google results and taking the majority of the advert space in the paper directories.

Its not something i can do alone and will require participation from you also!

Please refer to the section on the right hand side of the page 'What can i do to help?'

The more articles and information we can put out there the better.

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Support your local locksmith!

support local locksmiths!

I have chosen this logo to represent the cause.

Any local locksmith displaying this logo on their website is verifying they are both local and capable of covering the areas they claim within a satisfactory time.

If you see this logo listed on the site of any national advertiser then please report it immediately to Rickthepick

What can i do to help?

As a local locksmith wishing to benefit from this you must get involved.

Submitting articles to the site will firstly offer exposure for your own business, links back to your site in the form of an authors contact information along with all your other business details.

Secondly it will add content to the site helping it rank better in search engines such as Google and Bing.

Note: Please do not take this as an opportunity to spam, only well written and informative articles will be submitted.

Spread the word! Increasing exposure will ultimately pave success for both this site and your local locksmith business. If nobody hears about it, its no good.

You can add the following code to your locksmith site:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="local locksmiths"></a>