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The Locksmith Directory has been designed specifically to advertise the best locksmiths in the business.

National advertisers are not included in the locksmith directory to ensure you are contacting local locksmiths that can work at reasonable rates and provide the best customer service.

It is important to support local businesses in these tough economic times so we have dedicated the locksmith directory to featuring them and getting them back in the spotlight.

National locksmith companies are a plague in this industry and rarely satisfy the customers needs providing shoddy workmanship at an extortionate price.
Rest assured we will not be advertising national locksmith companies on the locksmith directory!

How it works

The directory section Is split into larger districts and then into smaller local areas, each listing the locksmiths available in that area. Simply navigate through the links to find your local locksmith.

Articles section We feature local locksmiths that have provided content for the locksmith directory, including relevant contact details and more information about who they are and what they can offer.

Sponsors Are advertisers of products and services that we feel will be of benefit to the site. As previously stated you will find NO national locksmith firms advertising with us!

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Whats new this month?

Last Updated: 27/04/2022

Currently Updating Directory

I am currently having a shuffle around with the areas which were a bit higgledy piggledy. If you spot any mistakes I've missed or have any suggestions please get in touch and let me know.

National awareness Campaign

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As part of a campaign started by members of the Island Locksmith Forum, local locksmiths are now making the effort to educate potential clients as much as possible via their social media and business webpages.

National locksmith companies have begun to demonstrate desperate tactics to claw the work away from genuine local businesses by using false locations and flooding the internet with advertisements.

It is important to now state clearly on your websites that you are in fact a genuine local business and provide them with further information on the problems associated with allowing a national to complete their work.

These rip off merchants are giving us all bad publicity and we need to ensure we distinguish ourselves as a completely different entity.

You can add this nice banner made by Jay at island Locks to your website using the code below:

<img src="" height="130" width="387" alt="avoiding national locksmiths">

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The locksmith directory has been increasing quickly in popularity and is now ranking well in the search engine reports.

I ask that you keep submitting your details to our directory which will always be free to local locksmith businesses looking for additional exposure on the web.

We ask that you link back in return however it is completely up to you.

Displaying our logo and linking back will increase the popularity of the directory.

Featured Listings

I have a had a few companies contact me with regards to having a featured listing or one 'above' the others in their catagory.

Although i have tried to steer clear of this initially it has become aparent that I may need to offer a few paid listings in order to maintain the costs associated with the upkeep of the directory.

I have decided to offer ONE featured locksmith listing per area.

This is a first come first served basis and I re-assure you that no national locksmiths will be listed in the directory, whatever tempting offers they may put my way.

The featured locksmith listings in the directory will be placed in the left hand column of the page, include a logo and small block of text, contact info, website, etc, etc.

Priced at 70 pounds (For as long as the directory exists), no VAT or additional charges.

Email me if you are interested in taking your areas featured listing and we can take it from there.

Special Listings

In addition to the featured listings I am now offering special listings.

These comprise of a full on business feature listed on its own separate page, optimised on page to rank better in the search engines.

Two examples can be seen here for the Wolverhampton Locksmiths page and Locksmiths Walsall

Priced at 100 for a lifelong listing and of course national advertisers need not apply.

Email me if you are interested in a special listing and we can take it from there.

Manual submission

A few people have commented on the method of submitting the directory details to me via email.

Although it is slower and more effort than using a submission form and of course additional manual work on my part, I maintain it is a more effective way to eliminate spam and allows me to personally check every detail before I publish the locksmiths listing.

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Please note: This directory will not display any advertising for national locksmith chains!

This is a FREE directory promoting local locksmith businesses.

New Door Repairs Directory

door repairs directory logo

I have finally begun building the locksmith directories sister site the 'door repairs directory'.

All the same ethics and rules apply and I look forward to your submissions.

Door Repairs Directory

You may also be interested in The uPVC Directory Project, featuring repair specialists around the UK.